Introduction to Electronic Voice Phenomena

Cecil College , Elkton location

Dean Warsing teaches a class ( Intro to EVPs ) and ( Advanced EVP field Course )

These classes are a 6 week course. Intro to EVPs covers History of EVPs, What are EVPs, Whats the science behind how EVPs are recorded. Equipment and how to use the equipment correctly. How to record a log book.

Advanced EVP field Coure has 3 field trips to haunted locations. Deals more with  editing with Wave pad and advanced experiments.

O.P.S. Operations

We believe in investigating the paranormal using the scientific method. 


Historic Elk Landing Ghost Hunt

October 27, 2018

Cecil College Classes

    Advanced EVP field Course

        11-1-18  - 12-13-18

            6:00 to 7:30 pm

Haunted House

    Do you need help with a                  haunted location ?